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Electrical Connector of Ambient Air Temperature Sensor AX123 Fits Edge MKX 07-10

Electrical Connector of Ambient Air Temperature Sensor AX123 Fits Edge MKX 07-10

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California - USA
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Brand: ISUMO
Aftermarket Premium High Quality
Electrical Connector 
(Pigtail Wiring Harness) S1452
Ambient Air Temperature Sensor
Quantity: 1 Piece
Connector Gender Male
Connector Quantity 1
Terminal Gender Female
Terminal Quantity 2
Terminal Type Pin Socket
FORD EDGE 2007-2010
LINCOLN MKX 2007-2010
Ambient Air Temperature Sensor 
What It Does: The Ambient Air Temperature Sensor (AAT) is used by the climate control module and body control module to report outside temperature readings as well as to control vehicles interior temperature on vehicles equipped with an automatic climate control system. Location: The AAT sensor used as an ambient temperature sensor may be located behind the front grill or bumper fascia or inside one of the front fenders. Where the AAT is used for climate control several sensors may be used within the climate control system. The sensor could be mounted in a concealed location where it will be exposed to the cabin temperature or it may be found within the air duct system to control air blend doors for individual passenger comfort. Failure Symptoms: Incorrect ambient temperature reading from the information center, failed temperature control within the cabin for passenger comfort
Made In USA Canada Mexico Germany OEM Genuine Original Ford Motorcraft Fomoco

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