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BMR521 Blower Motor Resistor Fits Range Rover 2003-2012 V8 5.0L
BMR521 Blower Motor Resistor Fits Range Rover 2003-2012 V8 5.0L

BMR521 Blower Motor Resistor Fits Range Rover 2003-2012 V8 5.0L

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Brand: ISUMO
Aftermarket Premium High Quality
Blower Motor Resistor
Quantity: 1
Bolt Hole Quantity 2
Connector Gender Female
Connector Quantity 1
Connector Shape Rectangular
Terminal Gender Male
Terminal Quantity 5
Terminal Type PIN
Wiring Harness Included No
Blower Motor Resistor 
The blower motor resistor will typically be in the blower fan case. Because of
the heat created by the resistor, the air movement of the fan is needed to keep the resistor
temperature in control. Excessive heat will damage the blower resistor. Depending on the
vehicle application, the resistor may be accessed from inside the engine compartment in
the passenger rear corner or from inside the vehicle in the area below the glove
compartment storage area.  
What It Does:
The blower motor resistor is in the fan motor control circuit to lower the
voltage level available to the fan motor thus controlling fan speed. A typical fan motor
control circuit will have the fan switch applying voltage to the appropriate circuit of the
blower motor resistor; the resistor controls the voltage level in the circuit. The fan motor
high speed circuit is usually a direct power circuit from the fan switch.
Failure Symptoms: Depending on the failure mode, the blower fan may lose one speed
when the resistor fails or it may lose all speeds except high. Excessive heat will cause the
thermal fuse within the resistor to open causing a loss of all lower fan speeds. 
Diagnostic Hints: Blockage of the cowl area near the wiper arms with leaves and debris
will cause a loss of air flow around the resistor and lead to a possible failure of the blower
resistor. Also, a blower motor may operate as expected but electrically it may be drawing
too much current. Always check circuit amperage of the blower motor circuit when
replacing a blower motor resistor. Consult a repair resource for proper circuit amperage