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ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Rear Left W/ 4WD Fits: Hyundai Santa Fe 2001-2006
ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Rear Left W/ 4WD Fits: Hyundai Santa Fe 2001-2006
ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Rear Left W/ 4WD Fits: Hyundai Santa Fe 2001-2006

ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Rear Left W/ 4WD Fits: Hyundai Santa Fe 2001-2006

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Brand: ISUMO
Aftermarket Premium High Quality
ABS Wheel Speed Sensor 
Rear / Left For Vehicles With 4WD
Quantity: 1 Piece
Connector Gender Male
Connector Quantity 1
Connector Shape Rectangular
Harness Length - Inches 43
Harness Length - mm 1090
Mounting Location Wheel
Number of Bolt Holes 1
Terminal Gender Female
Terminal Quantity 2
Terminal Type Blade
The wheel speed sensor will be located at each individual wheel or on axle housing 
on vehicles equipped with a solid axle. The speed sensor may be part of the wheel hub 
bearing assembly or as an individual component where the sensor protrudes through the 
bearing assembly or into the brake back plate. 
What It Does: The wheel speed sensors are responsible for reporting individual wheel speed 
to the Anti-Lock Brake Control Module. The wheel speed sensor can be an analog type 
sensor or digital. 
Failure Symptom: ABS brake light illumination, false activation of the ABS system due to an 
inconsistent signal from a sensor
El sensor de velocidad de la rueda estará ubicado en cada rueda individual o en la carcasa del eje
en vehículos equipados con un eje sólido. El sensor de velocidad puede ser parte del cubo de la rueda.
conjunto de rodamiento o como un componente individual donde el sensor sobresale a través del
conjunto de rodamiento o en la placa trasera del freno.
Qué hace: los sensores de velocidad de la rueda son responsables de informar la velocidad individual de la rueda
al módulo de control de frenos antibloqueo. El sensor de velocidad de la rueda puede ser de tipo analógico.
sensor o digital.
Síntoma de falla: iluminación de la luz de freno del ABS, activación falsa del sistema ABS debido a un
señal inconsistente de un sensor
휠 속도 센서는 각 휠 또는 차축 하우징에 위치합니다
단단한 차축이 장착 된 차량. 속도 센서는 휠 허브의 일부일 수 있습니다
베어링 어셈블리 또는 센서가
베어링 어셈블리 또는 브레이크 백 플레이트에.
기능 : 휠 속도 센서는 개별 휠 속도를보고합니다.
잠금 방지 브레이크 제어 모듈. 휠 속도 센서는 아날로그 유형일 수 있습니다
센서 또는 디지털.
고장 증상 : ABS 제동등 조명으로 인해 ABS 시스템의 잘못된 작동
센서의 불일치 신호
hwil sogdo senseoneun gag hwil ttoneun chachug haujing-e wichihabnida
dandanhan chachug-i jangchag doen chalyang. sogdo senseoneun hwil heobeuui ilbu-il su issseubnida
beeoling eosembeulli ttoneun senseoga
beeoling eosembeulli ttoneun beuleikeu baeg peulleiteue.
gineung : hwil sogdo senseoneun gaebyeol hwil sogdoleulbogohabnida.
jamgeum bangji beuleikeu jeeo modyul. hwil sogdo senseoneun anallogeu yuhyeong-il su issseubnida
senseo ttoneun dijiteol.
gojang jeungsang : ABS jedongdeung jomyeong-eulo inhae ABS siseutem-ui jalmosdoen jagdong
senseoui bul-ilchi sinho
The Speed Sensor(s) measure rotational speed of the transmission shafts. Common failure symptoms include:
Erratic Speedometer Behavior
Harsh or Improper Shifting
Loss of Cruise Control
Surging or Hesitation
Check Engine Light On
The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) sensor monitors wheel speed. Common failure symptoms include:
ABS Light On
Brake Pulsing
No / Erratic Traction or Stability Control
No / Erratic ABS Operation
Braking Without Pedal Contact

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