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4 Wires HVAC Blower Motor Resistor  Electrical Connector (Pigtail Wire Harness)
4 Wires HVAC Blower Motor Resistor  Electrical Connector (Pigtail Wire Harness)

4 Wires HVAC Blower Motor Resistor Electrical Connector (Pigtail Wire Harness)

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Aftermarket Premium High Quality
4 Wire Electrical Connector(Pigtail Wiring Harness)
Relay &  Blower Motor Resistor  
Compatible With the following Items
DLA-299 Power Door Lock Actuator
RU-350 Blower Motor Resistor
RU-368 Blower Motor Resistor
RU-392 Blower Motor Resistor
RU-410 Blower Motor Resistor
RU-446 Blower Motor Resistor
RU-558 Blower Motor Resistor
RU-651 Blower Motor Resistor
RU-661 Blower Motor Resistor
RU-713 Blower Motor Resistor
RY-225 Relay
RY-254 Relay
RY-260 Relay
RY-277 Relay
RY-288 Relay
RY-395 Relay
RY-406 Relay
RY-408 Relay
RY-417 Relay
RY-758 Relay
Connector Gender: Male
Connector Quantity: 1
Terminal Gender: Female
Terminal Quantity: 4
Terminal Type: 4 Blade Terminals
Wire Quantity: 4
ACURA 1986-2013
AUDI 2000-2006
BUICK 2002-2007
CADILLAC 2006-2011
CHEVROLET 1978-2012
CHRYSLER 1987-2005
DAEWOO 1999-2002
DAIHATSU 1988-1992
DODGE 1981-2010
EAGLE 1989-1998
FORD 1981-2007
GEO 1989-1997
GMC 1985-1991
HONDA 1982-2014
HYUNDAI 1985-2013
INFINITI 1990-2010
ISUZU 1982-2002
JEEP 1993-2004
KIA 1994-2013
LAND ROVER 1993-2013
LEXUS 1990-2007
MAZDA 1982-2013
MERCURY 1985-1999
MITSUBISHI 1983-2007
NISSAN 1972-2014
PLYMOUTH 1981-1995
PONTIAC 1988-2010
SATURN 2005-2007
SUBARU 1983-2009
SUZUKI 1985-2008
TOYOTA 1967-2007
VOLVO 2000-2004
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